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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this booking as agreed to by both the “Occupant” & “Agent” are: 

  1. The premises are let to you for the period stated on the Confirmation of Booking form affixed to these Terms & Conditions.

  2. Extensions are at the agent’s discretion and no guarantee is given that an extension will be granted.

  3. Keys must be collected from our office after 3.00pm on the day of arrival. Office hours are 8.45am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 3.00pm on Saturday.

  4. The premises are available from 3.00pm on the day of arrival and are to be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure. Please return the keys to our office no later than 10.30am. If you have not vacated by 10am a late fee of $60 is payable.

  5. If you require to pick-up/drop-off keys outside office hours then use our locked box facility.  This box is on the left hand side of the office building.  Our full address is Ground Floor, 124 Walker St, North Sydney.  Please ensure you ask the person taking your booking for the access code.

  6. All bookings must be paid in full prior to commencement and the owner reserves the right to cancel a booking under any circumstances providing monies are returned in full to the Occupant.  No bond is lodged. 

  7. Raine & Horne North Sydney reserves the right to arrange routine inspections of the premises with 24 hours notice.

  8. Should the Occupant report a malfunction of any item in the property, the Occupant hereby agrees to provide 48 hours to the Agent/Landlord to rectify the problem without refund of any rent amount to the Occupant.

  9. Raine & Horne reserves the right to seek payment for above average electricity charges exceeding $125 per month for a 1 bedroom, $185 per month for a 2 bedroom and $250 per month for a 3 bedroom apartment.

  10. No pets are allowed at the premises.

  11. Our properties are completely non-smoking. An excess cleaning fee of $150 will be charged if anyone smokes indoors.

  12. If locked out of the premises after hours, you will require the services of a Registered Locksmith. This service is payable by the Occupant. Raine & Horne North Sydney does not provide this service.

  13. The number of occupants must not exceed the number of beds provided.

  14. All damage, breakage and theft of inventory must be reported to the agent and paid for immediately by the Occupant.

  15. The Occupant must provide access for any Fire Safety Inspections required. In the event the property is listed for sale, access will be granted for 30 minutes each Wednesday & Saturday for Open Homes, the Agent will provide 14 days notice for this.

  16. The Agent will describe the premises and position to the best of their ability and in good faith, no responsibility or refunds for alleged mis-description can be accepted.

  17. Prices may vary without notice and will be confirmed at the time of booking.

  18. The Occupant or Signee of this document grants full authority to claim from the credit card details mentioned on the Confirmation of Booking attached for any outstanding balance of their account or to rectify any damage caused by the occupant.

  19. The occupant acknowledges that the booking has now been made and the property has been reserved on their behalf, and they are immediately bound to these conditions, unless the required cancellation notice is given.
  20. The occupant acknowledges & authorises that all monies paid to the agent will be disbursed to the principal & agent within 14 days of payment

  21. All cancellations are subject to a minimum of 30 days notice. If less notice is given no refund will be granted. Except for bookings from the 14th December - 14th January when a 50% cancellation fee will apply.

  22. All booking reductions are subject to a minimum of 14 days notice. If less notice is given no refund will be granted. Except for bookings from the 14th December - 14th January when 30 days notice will apply to any reduction. If the original booking is longer than 3 months and the stay is reduced by more than half a higher rate may be applied to the booking.

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